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Who We Are

Our Mission

To create belonging and community for anyone affected by mental illness and to inspire mental wellness.

3 generations of family
Our Mission
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Our Vision

Inlucisco envisions a world where mental illness is no longer stigmatized and all people affected by mental illness receive the support and care they need to reach their potential and lead meaningful, productive lives.

Our Values


Mental Health & Wellness

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About Us

Inlucisco is a community you can come to for connection, support, and information around mental health and wellness. Initially Inlucisco was created for professionals in the workforce. Of course, we quickly recognized that Inlucisco is not just needed by working professionals, but by anyone who has a mental illness, or supports someone with a mental illness, or just wants to learn about mental wellness. Inlucisco is a safe space where all members can share their stories and be recognized for their courage and resilience. Mental health matters and so do you.  Join the Inlucisco community today!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Inlucisco, our goal to provide support and information around mental health is inseparable from our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We champion DEI and believe in the strength and empowerment that is born when everyone is embraced for their unique qualities and gifts. It is key to our mission that everyone feels safe, respected, and part of a welcoming and inclusive environment. Everyone should be able to receive the care and resources needed to have mental health.

"Those who live with different minds are too beautiful to hide."

- Hannah Blum

About Inlucisco Founder,

Nicole Alexandra

I currently reside in San Diego, California. In college at San Diego State University, my passions were Business, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, and Child & Family Development. I couldn’t decide on which major to study though, so I worked with the Deans of several colleges to create my own. I also completed SDSU’s Leadership Certificate Program, was active in SDSU’s Entrepreneur Society; sitting on their Board my Senior Year, and was an Assistant Teacher at SDSU’s Children’s Center. After college, I combined my interests in Business and Psychology and decided to go into People Operations.

Inlucisco Founder

My passion is spreading mental health and DEI awareness. I’ve been affected by mental illness personally, and have seen it affect family members, friends, fellow classmates, and coworkers. I have the best support team anyone could ask for and I’m eternally grateful for the people and resources I have in my life. My gratitude fills me with a desire to give back to those on their own mental health journey. Mental health matters and so do you. Thank you for visiting and I hope your journey becomes less lonely and more positive as a result of the Inlucisco Community.

Lots of love,

Nicole Alexandra

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